Changing poverty by education. (2016)

Jugglers Art Space

While being sponsored by Eli Homes to visit and document the rebuild in the graveyard, the burnt homes of many, I felt a tug at my shirt.

What I hadn't realised was; this would later be a tug at my heart.

I looked down to find the first little girl with guts to approach me and show me comfort in an unfamiliar place.

I had to know who she was. 

I found out she was a child of 9 at the time. Two other children from her family were sponsored to attend school by Eli Homes. 

Danika had no idea who I was, or the connection to her siblings education. She just knew I needed her and she needed me.

Once I established the connection I knew why I was really called to the Philippines.

Coming back I was compelled to raise funds for Danika's education and nutritional wellbeing. In the future I hope to change poverty one educational opportunity at a time.

* Images for SALE. Profits go to Joshua Care International.

These images were taken with a Canon 5D Mk II and a 24-105mm f4L lens. As we had lots of traveling I chose to travel light and utilise the natural light instead of using flash and artificial lighting thus giving the images a more natural impromptu street feeling.


ASIARA Style (2016)

Accepted invitation to be a Brisbane Raw Artist.

Displayed at the Met, Signature event

Angelina has been building her own business as a contract photographer to suit all advertising and domestic needs.  Mostly working with a team of industry professionals (MUA's, Hairdressers, Designers, Stylists and more).

Aspiring to open a Studio to suit herself and industry professionals and build an empire with all the clients' needs available in one place.

*Images not for domestic sale. Commercial enquires welcome.

These images were taken with a Canon 5D Mk II and a 24-105mm f4L Lens. I have utilised the studio lighting, fashion & editing techniques learned in CATC Design School.


Once upon a perception (2013)

Displayed at Brisbane Institute of Art


A project for my group exhibition class 'Midtone' at CATC Design school creating a seamless opening night event and successful work of display.

Inspired by work from Kisa Kavass and Emma Wood’s ‘Birthday letter to her daughter’


As a child, I created scenes I could live in to escape reality. I remember the details of hiding keys so no one could enter the world I created. I began to believe that my perception of the everyday was the fairy tale I created.


The aim of my body of work was to recreate the memories in my childhood. This journey has made me realise life is whatever we believe it to be.


*Images not for domestic sale. Commercial enquires welcome.

These images were taken with a Canon 5D Mk II and a 24-105mm f4L Lens. My editing approach was to fit the whimsical fairytale of happiness and imagination using high key tones and low saturation in a natural environment to create something magical


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© 2018 by Angelina Raisa. 




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